Woodtrail Graziers

Round Hill, Virginia

Woodtrail Graziers was formed in 2005 on a 70-acre former dairy. Our mission was to restore the land without artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides through managed grazing and multiple livestock operation. Our family lives on premises and manages the operation full time. We have studied with and continue to learn from the pioneers of grass farming, including Joel Salatin, Allan Nation, and Gene Logsdon. We have learned to appreciate the advantages of using old-world heritage breeds of cattle and hogs that do not require medications, interventions, or intensive management. Our Belted Galloway ("Beltie") cattle, developed in Scotland many years ago, are managed as a closed herd of between 30 and 35 animals and are thus not exposed to possible pathogens from purchased animals. Our production is therefore limited to the number of calves that can be born and raised on our farm. Similarly, our Tamworth hogs are all born here, and are descended from lines developed in England hundreds of years ago. Neither of these breeds are suitable for commercial intensive operations (CAFO's) because Galloway cattle are small and grow slower, and Tamworth sows generally have smaller litters. Our customers enjoy some of the richest beef available, meat that is typical for grass-fed beef in that it is very lean and lends itself well to marinating for optimal texture. Our pork, which is raised with a combination of organic and conventional feed, has the unique and subtle flavor advantage that the Tamworth breed offers. We also add guineas, heritage breed turkeys and conventional chickens for their meat and eggs, as well as to help clear our pastures of insects and weeds.

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19643 Woodtrail Road
Round Hill, VA 20141
Loudoun County


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