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Eat Your Greens! Organic Farm

Krugerville, Texas

We are the Zuniga Family, born and raised from generations of farmers and botanists. We hand sow, grow, and harvest all of our crops together as a family with love and gratitude.

We were raised in Texas and Oklahoma with the love and knowledge of farming at the palm of our hands.  Like many journeys to a healthy lifestyle, ours began with illness. Over two years, we researched endlessly, tried many different healing modalities, and began eating healthier. We decided to start growing our own foods to ensure our family got the best possible nutrients, grown with the most trustworthy methods. 

When we learned of Microgreens and their nutrient density, it was a no-brainer. Where else were we going to find four to 40 times the nutrients other than in costly synthetic vitamins? Certainly not in the full-grown vegetables raised in depleted soils! We not only had to start growing them for ourselves but also our friends, family, and anyone else we could share them with. We then started our business in 2019 to continue to spread the word!

To stand out from other Farmers in the fact that we follow the Naturally Grown Guidelines for healthier foods.

(This listing was last updated on September 15, 2022)


Applications for CNG Status