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Broomes Island Produce Farm

Broomes Island, Maryland

Broomes Island Produce Farm was established 2019 and is owned and operated by Farmer Amanda Pitcher,  a first generation, young, female farmer who is passionately dedicated to growing organic vegetables and fruit ecologically and holistic with nature on 1 & 1/4  acre of borrowed land, for csa, farmers market and wholesale in Calvert county, Southern Maryland. She is pleased to offer a wide vareity of freshly harevsted and natrually grown produce for a well balanced diet. 

I am a transparent farmer and believe you must have integrity when growing food for others. I follow usda organic practices, rules and guidelines and believe "organic" is a way of living. supporting all forms of life on the farm, down to the healthy biology of the soil, for a balanced and thriving ecosystem, and nutrient dense, quality crops that nourish our bodies is a large focus of mine. I whole heartedly support other organic farmers and growers. My csa members & customers can know their vegetable farmer on a personal level and may come see the farm and their food growing for them at any time. That is why I chose to become certified naturally grown, and be a contributing part of its' community.

(This listing was last updated on June 21, 2022)


4085 School Road
Broomes Island, MD 20615
Calvert County


  • Producer: Amanda Pitcher
  • Day: (410) 610-8640
  • Evening: (410) 610-8640
  • Email

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