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Broomes Island Produce Farm

Broomes Island, Maryland

I am a first generation, young, female farmer in my 2nd year growing organic vegetables and fruit ecologically, on 1 acre of borrowed land, for farmers market, csa deliveries and wholesale in Calvert county, Southern Maryland. Broomes Island Produce Farm was established 2019. 

I grow 100% of what I sell currently, and allow the public to see through my business. I am a transparent farmer and believe you must have integrity when growing food for others. My customers personally know and get to meet their vegetable farmer and may come see the farm and the food growing for them at any time. That is why I chose to become certified with USDA organic and naturally grown, and be a contributing part of that community.

(This listing was last updated on May 20, 2020)


4085 school road
Broomes Island, MD 20615
Calvert County


  • Producer: Amanda Pitcher
  • Day: (410) 610-8640
  • Evening: (410) 610-8640
  • Email

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