Produce Application

Dripline Farms

Owner: Colin Drage

6748 concession Rd 4
Everett, ON L0M1J0
Canada County

daytime phone: (416) 602-0734
evening phone: (416) 602-0734

Application Date: 2019-05-27

Applicant Details

Please briefly tell us why you are applying to be part of the Certified Naturally Grown program: *
My Wife and I own and operate Dripline Farms on 2.25 acres of a beautiful treed lot. We grow Micro Greens as our main product and then an assortment of different fruits and veggies as well. We have a 27ft wide x 48 ft greenhouse that we have divided half as continuous flow wicking beds and the other half as row veggies and salad greens. Some we grow in the soil that is in the greenhouse (bergers organic medium) and some we grow in trays or pots for seedling resale. We also have a 60ft x 60ft outdoor garden that will have (have material just need to put it up) a black chain link fence put up around it. We have not added any soil or medium to it. I treat that area the same as I treat the greenhouse. I laid out black weed cloth over the entire garden and poked 3 inch holes in it with a torch to allow for the seeded plants to be planted. It gets watered from the hose that is ran through the filters and UV lights. We grow our tomatoes, zucchini, melons, watermelon etc out in the outdoor garden as 4 or 5 of those plants take up a very large area. I feel that having a designation like CNG to back our product would help bring added value and help let people know we have had someone other then our selves look at our grow and agree we are fully natural with no pesticides or anything other than water.
Are you currently third party Certified for your produce operation by any other organization (Organic, Biodynamic, etc)? *
Have you ever been certified in the past? *
Have you ever been denied certification? *
How did you hear about Certified Naturally Grown? *
Debbie from Heritage Bee Joey from Escarpment Herbal Teas

General Farm Information

Farm Acreage you want listed as Certified Naturally GrownTM:
Total Farm Acreage you actually GROW on: *
.0758acre or 3300 sqft roughly
Number of above acreage that you own: *
Number of above acreage that you lease: *
Do you have other acreage in "Conventional" Agricultural Systems? *
General Listed Acreage Breakdown
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Farmland Management and Practices

Primary Tillage System: *
rear tine rototiller
Do you use Cover Crops? *
Do you use Compost? *
Do you use Manure? *
Please list any other brought in fertility sources that you use (specific rock powders, lime, soybean / alfalfa meal, specific purchased pre-mixes, etc)and how often it's used. If you indicate a name brand product, please also specify the ingredient/s. *
I plan on a whole farm implementation using gaia green organic amendments. They have a 444 vegatative blend and a 284 bloom blend. I was planning in trying those this year on the outdoor bed alone. The micros do not require any amendments they grow quick and harvest with in 20 days max. I would be amending soil at planting and then again mid season. The weeds and cover that naturally grows on the bed before I till just gets tilled in. I plan on using amendments and tilling in a batch then top dressing when planting.
Have any chemical fertilizers been applied to the fields you are seeking Certification for in the last three years (36 months)? *
Have any non-acceptable pesticides and/or herbicides been applied to these fields in the last 3 years? *
Do you use Professional Soil Testing services? *
Describe your primary weed problems AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual weed challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
I grow our micros in standard flats in bergers OM series soil, they take max 12 days to mature and never see a weed in them ever. the veggies in the greenhouse are grown in IBC tote continuous flow wicking beds so I just pull the weeds if they blow in. and same with the exterior gardens i just pull the weeds.
Describe your primary insect challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual pest challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
the micro grow and harvest so quickly we are yet to have issues with them and the veggies fingers crossed we are yet to have issues so i am sure i would source an organic method of control.
Describe your primary disease challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual disease challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
I feel if the plant has a disease then it is not suitable to harvest for sale so i would probably retire the plant
Please list the water source you use for crop irrigation. If source is public river, pond or lake, please note the name: *
well water
Are there any known contaminants in the irrigation water? *
Are you a maple producer who seeks to certify your sugarbush? *

Seeds, Transplants and Buffers

Do you purchase or grow using any Genetically Modified seeds? *
Do you use any chemically treated seeds in your operation? *
Do you grow your own transplants? *
Do you purchase any transplants from outside sources? *
Chemical/Spray Drift and Buffers:
Is there any likelihood of Chemical/Spray drift contamination of your fields? *
Do you have an adequate buffer to protect yourself from potential contamination? *
Please describe your buffer. Be as specific as possible. On all sides, how far is it from your crops to the next closest use (road, conventional crop, residential yard)? Be sure to specify what is grown on neighboring land that is in agricultural use. For example: To the north and east, a wooded area of at least 100 yards separates us from the neighbor's corn fields, to the south is a fallow field at least 100 yards deep separating us from the road, and to the west about 60 feet separates our crops from a field where conventional corn and soybeans are grown. *
we are set 800 ft back in the bush. i grow in a greenhouse and there is no agricultural production for a few kms min.


Please indicate your agreement with the following statements by checking the boxes.
I will not label, or in any way lead consumers to believe that produce not raised in accord with CNG standards is Certified Naturally GrownTM. *
I understand that I have to complete at least one (and hopefully more) Certification Inspection(s) of another farm in my area each year, and that the inspection will NOT be of the same farmer that inspected me. *
I have reviewed the Certified Naturally Grown certification standards, I understand them, and I will abide by them. I understand that if I have any questions I may contact CNG for clarification. *
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