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Village Farmstead

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Village Farmstead is a one and half acre vegetable farm located on the bluffs of Lake Michigan just south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our growing practices are rooted in environmental ethics and social integrity, incorporating organic and biodynamic practices without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers, even those approved for organic production. We integrate intensive market gardening methods, using primarily hand tools and therefore, minimal fossil fuel input. We embrace the seasons of Wisconsin by utilizing tools for season extension, and focusing on food preservation. Our intention is to provide the most nutrient-dense, vital produce possible to our community, while being thoughtful of and responsive to our context within an all-encompassing ecosystem and our responsibility to its inhabitants and future generations.

(This listing was last updated on February 03, 2020)


4020 E Fitzsimmons Rd
Oak Creek, WI 53154


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