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Fields Edge Farm

Floyd, Virginia

Family Farming in Floyd Since 1790

Fields Edge Farm grew out of our family roots in this valley. It is a manifestation of our passion for raising good food, and a commitment to leaving this land in better condition for the next generation.

Our Beef

Born, raised and grazed to finish on our farm in Floyd, Virginia

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  • We believe that all animals should be treated humanely and with care.

  • Our cattle are outside, on pasture, and never kept in confinement.

  • We practice rotational grazing, a grazing system of moving cows to fresh ground frequently to improve the land and mimic the natural patterns of wild ruminant herds.

  • We do not feed antibiotics to our animals. In the rare case that an animal becomes sick we will treat them with antibiotics. If they receive treatment,  we do not market them under our brand.

  • We feed a forage-based diet consisting of mostly pasture and hay in the winter months, with a small amount of grain given only as a lure consisting of corn, wheat, and soy ingredients.

  • Our beef is dry-aged, approximately 21 days in a cool room, to maximize flavor and tenderness.

Specialty Produce

Certified Naturally Grown Produce, fresh from the field to your kitchen.

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Fresh & Floyd Grown

Our regenerative farming practices reflect our deep reverence for the soil, the land, and our responsibility as stewards of the earth for future generations. On five of the flattest acres of the Slusher Valley, our produce crew works diligently to grow and tend the vegetable crops with care. Centered on soil health, our growing practices are inspired by efficient market farming techniques which include cover cropping, beneficial insect habitat, crop rotation and diversity. If the farmer’s goal is healthy soil, the plants can thrive and pests won't win. The result is exceptionally beautiful and healthy vegetables, picked at peak freshness and packaged in a Food Safety Certified (HGAP) Packhouse Facility.


(This listing was last updated on January 10, 2023)


1834 Rush Fork Rd SW
Floyd, VA 24091
Floyd County


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