Produce Application

Tierra Sagrada Farm

Owner: Sage Joseph Hagan

293 Bosque loop
Bernalillo, NM 87004
Sandavol County

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1367
Bernalillo, NM 87004

daytime phone: (505) 206-6404
evening phone: (505) 206-6404

Application Date: 2019-02-11

Applicant Details

Please briefly tell us why you are applying to be part of the Certified Naturally Grown program: *
When I first wanted to certify the farm my first thought was the organic route. We are a micro farm, we work hard and both my partner and I are similar in the sense is that we try to support grass roots. I feel that being certified naturally grown is way more our style on many different levels. So there is a lot of excitement about this because we get to be part of a community and also help that community grow. We want to learn and to share and to have a local connection as well as a national.
Are you currently third party Certified for your produce operation by any other organization (Organic, Biodynamic, etc)? *
Have you ever been certified in the past? *
Have you ever been denied certification? *
How did you hear about Certified Naturally Grown? *
From Mother Earth news and doing other research about what type of certification were out there and which ones seemed to interest me more so than others.

General Farm Information

Farm Acreage you want listed as Certified Naturally GrownTM:
Total Farm Acreage you actually GROW on: *
2 acres
Number of above acreage that you own: *
2 acres
Number of above acreage that you lease: *
Do you have other acreage in "Conventional" Agricultural Systems? *
General Listed Acreage Breakdown
Veg Crops:
1/2 acre
Fruit Crops:
1 acre
Other Acreage:
Please check all items you grow and will market as Certified Naturally GrownTM *

Please Specify Any Other Items:
Please check all markets you grow for (this will be displayed on your farm profile to help potential buyers find you). *

Please Specify Other Markets:

Farmland Management and Practices

Primary Tillage System: *
On the farm we choose to go with a light to no till method. We use a bcs tractor with a paower harrow to help develop the beds. We also use a broad fork regularly. we also use a tither which also for bed repression without damaging the soil and the life with in it.
Do you use Cover Crops? *
If yes, please list: *
We use Organic buckwheat. Proof of purchase through Johnny's seeds.
Do you use Compost? *
If yes, please note general sources (on farm, purchased complete, local grass clippings, local dairy, etc.): *
Purchased complete. organic. from soil solutions.
Please list application rates. Give a specific amount or range (for example: one to two tons per acre, ten wheelbarrow loads per 1,000 square feet, or 1-2 inches deep). Do not answer "varies". *
1/2 ton per half acre.
Do you use Manure? *
Please list any other brought in fertility sources that you use (specific rock powders, lime, soybean / alfalfa meal, specific purchased pre-mixes, etc)and how often it's used. If you indicate a name brand product, please also specify the ingredient/s. *
we try to use only organic products when bringing anything new onto the farm.
Have any chemical fertilizers been applied to the fields you are seeking Certification for in the last three years (36 months)? *
Have any non-acceptable pesticides and/or herbicides been applied to these fields in the last 3 years? *
Do you use Professional Soil Testing services? *
Describe your primary weed problems AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual weed challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
Weed control on the farm for us includes the use of silage tarp, propane weed burners and a whole bunch of different hand tools. Here way have goat heads, choke weed, and crab grass.
Describe your primary insect challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual pest challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
On our farm we use, crop covers such as insect netting and floating row covers as much as possible. We also have omri listed materials to help if the pest problems are out of control. These are last resorts. We have squash bugs, tomato bette, aphids, caterpillars as well as moths. we have absolutely no intentions of using any sort of insecticides.
Describe your primary disease challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual disease challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
We try to keep our crops covered, we rotate are crops to maintain healthy soils, we also try and plant native habitat as hedge rows around our garden to provide habitat for animals helping the biodiversity on the farm helps to maintain its over all health. We have absolutely no intentions of using any sort of synthetic fungicide or herbicide to beat back these problems. Some likely challenges could be leaf fungus on our kale and beeats. we could have root rot on tomatoes. We could have issues with fungus in the green house and we have to watch our for water and soil splashing up on our different varieties of lettuce.
Please list the water source you use for crop irrigation. If source is public river, pond or lake, please note the name: *
We use water through drip irrigation as well as over head sprinklers that comes directly from the city water system. This water is deemed cleaned and ready for human consumption.
Are there any known contaminants in the irrigation water? *
Are you a maple producer who seeks to certify your sugarbush? *

Seeds, Transplants and Buffers

Do you purchase or grow using any Genetically Modified seeds? *
Do you use any chemically treated seeds in your operation? *
Do you grow your own transplants? *
Are they grown using Naturally Grown/Organic methods? *
If they're not grown according to CNG methods, please list them here. This produce may not be sold as Certified Naturally Grown. (If they are, put "N/A") *
Do you purchase any transplants from outside sources? *
Chemical/Spray Drift and Buffers:
Is there any likelihood of Chemical/Spray drift contamination of your fields? *
Do you have an adequate buffer to protect yourself from potential contamination? *
Please describe your buffer. Be as specific as possible. On all sides, how far is it from your crops to the next closest use (road, conventional crop, residential yard)? Be sure to specify what is grown on neighboring land that is in agricultural use. For example: To the north and east, a wooded area of at least 100 yards separates us from the neighbor's corn fields, to the south is a fallow field at least 100 yards deep separating us from the road, and to the west about 60 feet separates our crops from a field where conventional corn and soybeans are grown. *
the land that we farm sits behind a 12 ft foot fence that surrounds the property. The road is about 200 yards from our production site. the neighbor to the south has only old river cotton wood trees. The neighbor to the North has permeant pasture and an fruit orchard. our production filed is located with acre apart. to the west of use is fallow fields. we also cover our crops, we have but buffer zones with high fencing, and hedge rows.


Please indicate your agreement with the following statements by checking the boxes.
I will not label, or in any way lead consumers to believe that produce not raised in accord with CNG standards is Certified Naturally GrownTM. *
I understand that I have to complete at least one (and hopefully more) Certification Inspection(s) of another farm in my area each year, and that the inspection will NOT be of the same farmer that inspected me. *
I have reviewed the Certified Naturally Grown certification standards, I understand them, and I will abide by them. I understand that if I have any questions I may contact CNG for clarification. *
You may use this space to tell us anything else you think we should know about your farm:
We operate are small farm with sustainability in mind. we use practices that put the environments and people first. We want to be part of something bigger and help spread the word. We cherish life, soil, plants and animals our work here reflects that by taking the time to do things the right way with no short cuts and no poisons.