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Powder Keg Farms

High View, West Virginia

Powder Keg Farms is delighted to provide our specialty produce, poultry and eggs to area restaurants. Located high atop a picturesque ridge just west of the Shenandoah Valley on the site of an original 1700s homestead, the farm’s open fields and gentle, southeast facing slope provide the ideal location for fertile raised beds and plenty of wandering room for the chickens.

Our roots truly run deep. We practice heritage-based farming in the new “old way,” relying on our multi-generational passion for the land and its bounty.

Our fruits, vegetables, poultry and eggs are intentionally hand-tended and hand-gathered using natural, free-range practices and the continuum of plant and animal life-cycle management. Our products reflect our passion for quality, integrity and high standards and our respect for the entire farm-to-table process.

Our kitchen garden is extensive with specific plants raised at the request of our customers to meet their needs. We strongly believe naturally raised foods are nutritionally superior and bring higher quality to the plate and palate.

(This listing was last updated on March 20, 2023)


1968 Powder Keg Lane
PO Box 107
High View, WV 26808-0107
Hampshire County

Mailing Address:
335 Warden Circle Rd
Wardensville, WV 26851



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