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Pleasant Valley Farm

Argyle, New York

Paul and Sandy Arnold purchased land in Argyle in 1988, located about an hour north of Albany, NY. They have built Pleasant Valley Farm up to be a thriving fruit and vegetable farm over the past 23 years, which included building barns, a house, a greenhouse, and high tunnels. Their two children, Robert (18) and Kim (15), are both home-schooled and are an integral part of their farm. Over 40 varieties of diverse fruit and vegetable crops are grown with organic methods on about 8 acres of land, which are certified through Certified Naturally Grown. They own 60 acres of land and rent 120 acres from a neighbor; about 4 acres are cover-cropped for rotation, and many acres are for hay, used by a neighboring beefalo farmer. Some of the major crops grown on their farm, which lies in zone 4, include: lettuce, spinach, greens, beets, carrots, potatoes, squashes, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs. Their produce is sold almost exclusively at near-by farmers’ markets year-round and to a few restaurants in Saratoga Springs. They attend 3 markets each week May 1st to November 1st (Wednesday and Saturday), then 2 Saturday winter markets November 1st to May 1st. Since 2006, the Arnolds have been producing crops for winter markets, but have specialized in winter growing/season extension since 1992; Production for the winter markets was accomplished by constructing two large, unheated high tunnels which are used to grow greens all winter, and by storing many crops in an environmentally-controlled root cellar that stores 24 tons of produce under the barn.
To meet the energy challenges of the farm, the Arnolds have installed radiant-heated rolling benches in their polycarbonate greenhouse and also a 10kW photovoltaic-solar system that generates about 50% of their needed electricity. Although neither came from a farming background, they reached their goal 19 years ago of having the farm provide all their family income, and have enjoyed the great lifestyle it offers.
Paul and Sandy enjoy presenting at conferences across the country, often integrating them into family vacations and farm visits. Interns are an integral part of Pleasant Valley Farm, which they’ve had helping to run the farm since 1995; they often mentor other farmers, and do numerous farm tours for farmers, schools, and the community. One of their major goals is to create new farmers and help all farmers become profitable.

(This listing was last updated on May 16, 2020)


118 South Valley Road
Argyle, NY 12809
Washington County


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