Sr. Remote Inspect

Shalom Farms

Owner: Steve Miles

2676 Venita Road
Midlothian, VA 23113
Powhatan County

Web site:

Application Date: 2020-09-25

Farming History

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Seyra Whitney
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For how many years have you managed or worked on a CNG-certified farm? *
How many years of experience total do you have managing a farming operation that’s managed according to CNG/organic principles (whether certified or not)? *
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Shalom Farms in Goochland, VA USA and Powhatan VA USA.

Types of Farming & Expertise

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What type of training have you received in farming practices (on-farm and off-farm)? *
Apprenticeship and workshops with the Director of Farm Operations that I currently work with. Mostly just training via the experience working on Shalom Farms farm operations. I have attended agriculture conferences over the past 6 years, certified in pesticide application, continued education through workshops at Virginia State University and visited many other farms in the area.
Please briefly describe your experience with mentoring, training, or advising other farmers, if any.
I train, mentor, and supervise 2 apprentices, 8 interns, and 2 other staff people at my current farm.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most proud of? *
Our farmer in residency program and the hoop house production. We engage in full year growing and are able to produce quite a bit in the Virginia winter.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most known for? (This could be a particular crop beloved by customers or an uncommon production method that other farmers would appreciate.) *
Our collard greens.
What do you appreciate about Certified Naturally Grown?
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