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Valhalla Organics

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Founders Ruby Reid and Chris Day met while hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. As we traversed over a thousand miles, we discovered our shared commitment to sustainable living and our passion for growing organic food. We settled in Oregon’s Rogue Valley and created a mini-farm that quickly began over-producing, so we launched Valhalla Organics.

Ruby Reid holds a Master’s in Social Welfare from Berkeley and a Bachelor’s from Harvard University. Ruby currently serves as Board Secretary for local non-profit Pollinator Project Rogue Valley, and Secretary for Bee City USA-Talent, organizations committed to protecting pollinator health through advocacy, education, and creating pesticide-free habitats. Ruby’s role includes strategic planning, financials, production, sales, marketing, beekeeping, and farm work.

Chris earned Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management degrees from Johnson and Wales University. Chris is a certified sawyer, former contractor, and veteran who brings a myriad of relevant experience. Chris fuses techniques passed down from his grandfather with innovative new technologies, creating methods that maximize yield while minimizing waste. Chris designs systems (such as solar power), builds infrastructure (greenhouses, perimeter fence), manages daily farm operations, and maintains the power and water infrastructure on our farm.

We are a proud Certified Naturally Grown family farm and apiary in Southern Oregon. We value community, local food networks, supporting local farmers, and providing the healthiest highest quality products for our customers. All of those values are 100% in line with Certified Naturally Grown. We grow and produce healthy, delicious farm-to-table honey, pickles, and preserves in ways that already conform to CNG standards, so the choice was clear that our values and practices aligned perfectly with CNG. Our production, sales, marketing, shipping, and business practices reflect sustainable values that are typically absent in the industrial food chain, and we believe that CNG farmers and beekeepers like us have a huge role to play in transforming our food systems by making agriculture and apiculture more sustainable.

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