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HeartBeet Farms

Montague, Michigan

Keith was raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and has been a commercial landscaper, stonemason, and organic gardener since 1976 in places as varied as subtropical Bay Area of California, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Michigan, & the mountains of W. North Carolina. After devouring Permaculture One in 1978 he continued to learn all he could on the subject. He's been teaching Permaculture since '95, has instructed more than 1300 students, many of those through Indiana University's annual Design Course which began in 2003. He's taught or trained with Bill Mollison, Larry Santoyo, Tom Ward, Penny Livingston, Peter Bane, Chuck Marsh, Starhawk, and Jerome Osentowski. Besides his diploma from the Permaculture Institute (2013, in Education, Design, Site Development, Community Service, and Media) he also has two diplomas, (2016) one for Teaching and one for Design, from the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Liberty Bane was born and raised in the world of permaculture design, spending her childhood summers foraging and exploring in the mountains of North Carolina. She acquired a love of plants and learned gardening as an art form at Keith’s side and developed a passion for building design and forestry from her father, Peter. She’s gardened on many scales over the years, from apartment balconies to non-profit farms supplying fresh produce to low-income families. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Liberty applied her skills and passion for backyard gardening, edible landscaping, and animal husbandry to feed her family and help others do the same. Liberty has taught gardening classes to children and adults, provided site design consultation to homesteaders, and has now decided to pursue a career in regenerative agriculture, work that keeps her close to home, raising two boys with her husband.

We aim to represent and certify the best practices in nontoxic food production and ecological land management.

(This listing was last updated on May 12, 2021)


11122 Sikkenga Rd
Montague, MI 49437
Muskegon County


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