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A Gardens Glory

Stuart, Florida

"For Plants Sake & Yours!"...is A Garden's Glory motto
We grow passionately in the Microgreens~Piatto Fresco style...Cleanly grown in mother nature's environment - no chemicals used approach allows for the perfect OTR (oxygen transmission rate) for our live, vibrant, nutrient dense varieties of microgreens. A Florida trademarked, takeaway fresh plate of microgreens continues to grow on your kitchen counter and when it time for you to enjoy your super-foods just cut above the soil line, rinse and eat. Your edible tablescape can be enjoyed in a green smoothie, a sandwich or wrap, as a garnish or pesto...actually the possibilities are endless.

A Gardens Glory is proud to be the 1st Certified Naturally Grown Producer in Eastern Florida.

The best certification a small grower can have for their clean grown produce!

(This listing was last updated on August 08, 2020)


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