Dunton Family Farm

Molalla, Oregon

Dunton Family Farm was established in 1909 by Victor and Eda Vick Dunton. Mike and Denise Dunton took over stewardship of the farm in 1988 and for several years, continued to raise the same crops that their ancestors had; hay, cattle, poultry, eggs, walnuts, filberts, produce, and vegetable seeds.

In 1996, when the World Wide Web was young and newly commercialized, the first Dunton Farms website was launched. They continued to evolve and focus their farming efforts on the preservation of rare and endangered plant varieties, and out of this was born the Victory Seed Company in 1998.

Mike Dunton described the passion and motivation as this: "Our mission as a farm and family is to hold on to what we can of our agrarian past while gently moving forward into the future. A pet project (that I have very little time to work on these days) is found at SaveSeeds.org. Our primary efforts involve searching for, documenting, and keeping rare and endangered garden seed varieties available to gardeners.

We believe that we are simply stewards of this land and therefore we nurture it accordingly. The farm has reciprocated by sustaining six generations of our family - three of which are still actively working here.

We have farmed using organic and sustainable practices since it was a still a grassroots movement in the 1970s. To keep with these roots, we chose to become Certified Naturally Grown in 2006 instead of pursuing certification under the USDA's National Organic Program.

Our seeds are available online from the Victory Seed Company.

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