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Irish Acres Apiary

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Farmer and Beekeeper Michael McClellan is committed to sustainable, organic, chemical-free farming and beekeeping practices on his 15-acre, sustainable farm in scenic Warren County, Kentucky. Committed to keeping bees using cruelty-free, ethical, chemical-free practices in long horizontal hives, we adhere strictly to natural practices that respect bee biology and trust the bees to know what is best for them, even at the expense of profit and production levels. Irish Acres is committed to creating a paradise for bees and other pollinators and to "giving back" to nature by letting our bees swarm, even if it means losing some of them to the surrounding countryside. In the spirit of "do unto the bees as we do to ourselves," we put the bees' needs first in our beekeeping practices, giving them a good home, a healthy environment, and taking only the excess honey they produce while letting them keep all they need for their own use. We no longer use purchased bees, but catch local swarms of strong, survivor stock. Our hives mimic the thick tree hollows bees will naturally nest in and we subject them to minimal inspections and intrusions so they are calm and contented. All our hives are spread out through the forest, allowing the bees to live in the same kind of environment they would naturally choose on their own. Come see for yourself by contacting us and setting up a visit to the apiary!

Since it is not possible to be certified "organic" in the US for honey, I want to show my customers and the public that I adhere to good practices and support sustainable, natural, beekeeping methods. Certified Naturally Grown is a great way to demonstrate this to the public and to show our long-term commitment to keeping bees responsibly, humanely, and sustainably. As a "Kentucky Proud" farmer, I am also committed to supporting local farms throughout the state and being part of a network that supports locally-based agriculture. Through both these organizations, we are committing ourselves to using local bees to produce local honey through sustainable, natural practices.

(This listing was last updated on July 04, 2019)


848 Pruitt Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Warren County


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