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Morehead Cattle at Whispering Winds Farm

Jamesville, New York

Nestled in the majestic hills of Central New York exists hundreds of acres of lush green pasture, rich in minerals and organic grasses, and safe from pesticides and growth hormones. A special place where healthy herds can thrive under organic and sustainable systems.

A beef product like no other, our animals consume a diet rich in natural proteins and sugars. At our farm our cattle are not just grass fed, but grass finished. There are no GMO grains fed to our cows ever, just all natural forage.

We dedicate ourselves to quality and we are happy to say we raise not only tasty, but healthy beef.

We believe we are stewards of the environment and we want to belong to a grass roots network of like-minded farmers

(This listing was last updated on February 03, 2020)


  • Producer: Ralph Nappi
  • Owner: Ralph Nappi
  • Day: (315) 456-8019
  • Evening: (315) 456-8019
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