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October Fields

Albion, Maine

Welcome! Located near the mid-coast of Maine, lies a small rural town, comprised of back roads, rolling fields and friendly people that smile and wave as you pass them by. It is quaint. It is cozy. It is home. It is the inspiration for October Fields, est 2011.

Our foundational roots run deep as organic garlic and herb growers. Each year we plant and harvest several varieties of garlic, culinary & medicinal herbs, fruit and nut trees, and the seed list continues to grow! Retailing our seasonal produce on-line has offered affordable accessibility of organic goods to consumers worldwide. Our passion for cultivating awareness of healthy living has transcended well beyond our original goals into a complete plant based lifestyle brand for mind, body and home.

October Fields currently grows 3 varieties of garlic, but is most renowned for its rare Romanian Red, which yields large bulbs (often baseball size) and pungent, spicy cloves suitable for all culinary delights. The addition of 5 heirloom apple varieties, high bush blueberries, red raspberries, sea buckthorn berries and several nut bearing trees support the permaculture philosophy. Raised beds are home to over 50 culinary and medicinal herbs, which are hand harvested, dried and stored for year round retail or thoughtfully blended into balms, tinctures and teas. No matter the abundance nature provides, there is always a great appreciation for the care and positive energy that nurtured it. At October Fields we grow without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our organic harvest is the result of sunshine, rain and gentle hands.

(This listing was last updated on September 25, 2018)


352 South Freedom Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec County

Mailing Address:
352 South Fredom Rd
Albion, ME 04910


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