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Foggy Ridge Family Farm

Ridgeland, Wisconsin

Our dream to start a sustainable heritage farm, for our retirement years, was rooted in my background growing up on a multi-generational farm in southern Wisconsin. We moved to our beautiful 40 acres, that we share with a multitude of wildlife, in April 2014. It is equally important to us to maintain native wildlife habitats as it is to naturally nurture our heritage breed livestock. Working a sustainable farm using many "old school" farming techniques is physically demanding, extremely rewarding, and the perfect lifestyle choice for us!

We are proud of our status as Certified Naturally Grown. It is consistent with our philosophy at Foggy Ridge Family Farm as it addresses the health of the farm eco system not just the individual animal or crop as well as the health of the local economy! These two areas help address true success for a small family operation like ours. Certified Naturally Grown's focus on getting the livestock to be on open pasture, getting exercise and sunshine makes a lot of sense to us, as we utilize a biodiverse rotational grazing method. Our fields have not had any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers applied on them in over 20 years! The focus on supporting other local sustainable farmers and selling regionally is a good fit for us. We are not a large commercial farming operation, but a family farm interested in creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves as well as supplying a great product to markets within our state.

(This listing was last updated on February 03, 2020)


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