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Moscow, Tennessee

We are back to living a Savory life! The greenhouse is filled with seedling tomatoes, peppers, squashes, melons, and herbs. Three years after an ill east wind relocated it about 50 feet to the west, our tiny greenhouse is loaded with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and edible flowers. Savory is a boutique annual nursery located on our hundred-year farm. We have changed a lot this year and will be putting those changes to work for the 2021 season. We grow tomato, pepper, tomatillo, and herb transplants so you can enjoy growing your own vegetables and harvesting them at their peak. Savor both the flavor and the satisfaction of home-grown vegetables with transplants from Savory!

At Savory, we choose to be Certified Naturally Grown so you can rely on our products to be naturally delicious and nutritious!

(This listing was last updated on October 07, 2021)


Applications for CNG Status