Sr. Remote Inspect

Summer Solstice Farm

Owner: Enrique Hernandez & Frances Cornett

301 River Rd
Pohatcong, NJ 08865
Warren County

daytime phone: (908) 329-8363
evening phone: (212) 203-8731
Web site:

Application Date: 2020-09-16

Farming History

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Enrique Hernandez
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For how many years have you managed or worked on a CNG-certified farm? *
How many years of experience total do you have managing a farming operation that’s managed according to CNG/organic principles (whether certified or not)? *
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Summer Solstice FaRM 301 River Road Pohatcong, NJ 08865

Types of Farming & Expertise

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What type of training have you received in farming practices (on-farm and off-farm)? *
Please briefly describe your experience with mentoring, training, or advising other farmers, if any.
I Generally enjoy visiting other farms and both learning from their operations and imparting recommendations.
What aspect of your farming operation are you most proud of? *
Racing our animals humanely, the beauty of our farm
What aspect of your farming operation are you most known for? (This could be a particular crop beloved by customers or an uncommon production method that other farmers would appreciate.) *
Organic duck eggs and heritage pork
What do you appreciate about Certified Naturally Grown?
Promotes sustainable farming practices as we move away from agribusiness and hyper-processed foods.
You may use this space to tell us anything else you think we should know.
Food has to be good to eat and also good to think about. Meaning that we need to feel the food we eat is nourishing and ethical.