Rezolana Farms

San Luis, Colorado

Situated on a 23-acre multi-generation family owned long-lot tract, Rezolana Farm is located in the Rio Culebra watershed on the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant. To cultivate in an elevated arid steppe near the foothills of the Culebra Mountains, owners of Rezolana Farm are members of an historic acequia, or cooperative surface irrigation system rooted in Moorish water traditions. Snowmelt and rain water from the mountains flow to long-lot farms and ranches via the communal network of acequia ditches. Additionally, the farm is supplemented by an agricultural well with an adjudicated water right.
Founded by Ernesto Valdez and his brother Gaspar, from the late 1930s to the 1960s the farm grew broccoli, cabbage, green peas and cauliflower. In the 1970s potatoes and legumes, augmented by pumpkin, corn, and peas, supported the farm. Retiring after 65-years Ernesto let the land go fallow for six years. In 2012, Ernesto's son Arnold and his wife Maria revived the farm via cultivated subsistence crops of heirloom Bolita and Anazasi beans, White(chico)corn, Fava beans, dry white peas, and quinoa.
Renamed Rezolana Farm, the contemporary goal is to grow crops adapted to climate change and water scarcity by adopting cover crop strategy and propogation of drought resistant crops using low till-farming. The farm is currently experimenting with efficient water distribution, post-harvest processing of bio-mass into compost and mulches, aquaculture for bio-fertilizer, Industrial hemp, and solar energy applications for crop drying. Integral to the farm are multiple grow spaces including a season extender hoop house for specialty crops, sunken grow space for plant starters, and a greenhouse on the main farm house.

Rezolana Farm is an ideal fit for CNG since we are totally engaged in farming and food production that is grown via natural processes.

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20153 County Road P.6
San Luis, CO 81152
Costilla County


  • Producer: Arnold & Maria Valdez
  • Day: (719) 672-3678
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