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Grow with the Flow LLC

Tucker, Georgia

Grow with the Flow LLC is a "Certified Naturally Grown" multi-plot operation on a network of converted lawns to market gardens that practices intensive square foot method, permaculture techniques, and growing with the natural flow, hence our name. Our central location is in the heart of Tucker, Georgia a few blocks from Main Street Tucker.

GWTFLLC was started in 2014 by twin brothers Roger and Reggie Ramos. Roger gained his experience and inspiration from The Urban Growers Program of "Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture" in Downtown Atlanta learning about small plot production and producing in urban settings. Reggie was an apprentice at organic farms of Elm Street Gardens in Sparta, Georgia and Cane Creek Farms in Cummings, Georgia. Reggie is also a 2014 Master Gardener Trainee whose project site is at the Tucker Butterfly Garden. Together their knowledge and expertise produces the highest quality and most nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

GWTFLLC is on less than half an acre of land and contains 1000 plus square feet of no-till raised beds, red wiggler composting worms, an unheated 10X20 hoop house, a 1555 gallon rain catchment cistern, rain gutter self-watering system, a "hugelkultur" which in German means hill culture, a few inoculated shitake mushroom logs, and perennial plants and shrubs such as berries, figs, and hazelnuts.

GWTFLLC strives to abide by good agricultural practices GAP and organic standards by using NO genetically modified organisms, NO synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Our small farm strives to model nature, for example there is a rain harvesting system with a series of basins designed and installed by our friends at Edible Yard and Garden to mimic a natural watering system and if it is not watered with rain water areas are watered with carbon filtered municipal water. Other ways to model create a natural ecosystem we plant fruit producing trees and shrubs, and feed our soil with a mixture of Georgia red clay, micronutrients from rock dust, earthworm castings, compost teas, compost, more compost, and topped off with mulch, this gives our plants everything that is needed and much more.

GWTFLLC since 2016 has taken a community initiative to convert lawns to market gardens in Tucker, GA providing for the greater community to demonstrate a replicable, profitable farming model inspiring existing or potential farmers to emulate in their own community, working all together with local farms and markets serving as cooperatives throughout metro Atlanta.

In order to achieve the vision of creating a robust self-sustaining, cooperative local food economy to move away from mass production and moving towards production by the masses

Grow with the Flow!

We chose CNG because it is a peer to peer alternate farm assurance program that certifies our urban farm and lets our customers know that we abide by National Organic standards. Also, CNG gives us an opportunity to inspect farms, be inspected by current farmers, network with surrounding farms, and to help us improve on our farm. Unlike USDA organic, we know that inspections are done by people who actually live the life of a farmer and not a someone we don't know or meet just a few times. The networking aspect gives us the best available information of our area anytime it is needed.

(This listing was last updated on May 14, 2019)


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