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Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises LLC, is located in Baltimore County, Maryland, and provides fresh, naturally-grown, highly-nutritious fruits, vegetables, berries, and culinary herbs, directly to local consumers, and high-quality, 100% natural, herbal and botanical products through Internet marketing. Gaia practices sustainable growing methods utilizing high-tunnel greenhouses, renewable energy sources, and no-waste policies, for the purpose of enhancing the health of all living beings we touch, including our Planet, Earth. Gaia follows Native American Principles of Right Relationship to learn, live and grow in ways that benefit the next seven generations and to serve as a model to our community and all our relations.

Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises LLC, and Certified Naturally Grown share the same vision and core values for living and demonstrating sustainable community agriculture in all its aspects - ecological, socio-cultural and spiritual. The essence of Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises is in adhering to the Principles of Right Relationship to provide a living example, a model of sustainable community principles and practices, for today, tomorrow and the next seven generations.

Definition of Right Relationship by Jasmine Wallace*

Right Relationship is a concept that is present in most native cultures around the planet. In the beautiful language of my people, the Cherokee: the mountains, streams, valleys, oceans, deserts and all things are related to our thoughts and actions. All things are in relationship with each other. Our thoughts and actions (whether positive or negative) directly influence us and the world around us. Another way to define it is the Power of Positive Thinking, which teaches that our lives are formed by how we think about what happens to us and around us.

Essentially, Right Relationship is being in relationship with ourselves and all Life Forms around us, whether they are plants, animals or humans. Being aware that what we think and what we do determines our world and what is in it. The truth is that what we think and what we do influences the future of our children, our planet, and all things within it and on it. This concept is at the foundation of sustainable and practical living. It involves the knowledge that there is no such thing as separation. Everything in our world is directly involved with us and we are involved with it. The key is that it is our choice to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and relationships and focus on them being positive.

I think the deeper question is how to be in Right Relationship. I offer the guidelines I know the best, the ones left to my people by the Peacemaker who walked among us some 2500 to 3000 years ago:

1. All things are in relationship; there is no such thing as separation. The mountains, streams, valleys and deserts are all connected to each other and to us. Our thoughts and actions directly influence everything in us and around us.

2. How you interact with others and they with you shows you the Dream you are weaving. In other words, the patterns you are choosing for your life. Since you are in charge of your choices, in order to change your life you need to change the choices you make within it.

3. Have the desire to see things as they really are. Not to look at things through your own personal filter, or your own personal truth, or by comparing it to anything else. See whatever it is as it is, not with hopes, dreams, visions, fear, anger, frustration, or the barrage of other excuses we use to judge our World; instead, see ourselves first, then the rest of the world as it is.

4. When we have generosity of heart and spirit, we bring abundance to ourselves and not only those around us but to our world. Put another way if you would prefer, generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance for all in the Circle of Life or Sacred Hoop.

5. Respecting the sacred space of all Life Forms means just that. Treat everyone and everything as if it were you. Just because it might not communicate like you or look like you or act like you does not mean it does not have a right to its life and opinion.

6. Our thoughts and actions collectively shape the consciousness of our Planetary Caretaker (Mother Earth) to help life on this planet to continue. Our collective thoughts and actions either bless or curse the generations that come after us.

7. To be a true child of the Positive Universe, you must be in Right Relationship, transforming the patterns that insist on separating us, and resolving the conflicting emotions within us. This is how you find your God space, or what some call essential self, higher self, or balance. This is what is meant by Walking in Balance or Being in Balance. It is also called Walking in Beauty or by countless other phrases, but it means the same: to be within your own balance and in harmony with the world around you.

*A Tsalagi (Cherokee) Medicine Woman, Nancy ("Jasmine") Wallace is a CNG farmer, and is the co-founder, CEO, and President of Gaia Greenhouse Enterprises LLC.

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