Honeybee Keep

Golden, Colorado

Don Studinski, dba Honeybee Keep, is a principal permaculture enthusiast at Living Systems Institute (LSI) where he applies permaculture philosophy to beekeeping. Honeybee Keep manages Colorado's FIRST CNG Certified Apiaries. Apiaries under Don's management are located from Lakewood to Hygiene, in 2012 it was 24 hives spanning about 50 miles. Don's beekeeping articles have been published in Bee Culture magazine and on-line at Honeybee Haven, Peak Prosperity and Pesticide Action Network. As a beekeeping mentor, Don provides advice and counsel for students throughout the United States. Colorado Bees for Colorado Beekeepers is his latest project which will provide nucleus colonies for sale. Learn more about beekeeping, read free articles and see all the services provided by Honeybee Keep on line at HoneybeeKeep.com.

CNG alligns perfectly with the spirit of our objectives at Honeybee Keep. We tune into nature and work with it, rather than trying to be in control.

(This listing was last updated on July 05, 2017)


14020 W. 32nd Ave
Golden, CO 80401
Jefferson County

Mailing Address:
POB 1995
Broomfield, CO 80038


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