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Moon Dog Farms

Santa Fe, Texas

Moon Dog Farms cultivates fruits, vegetables and pastured eggs on the Texas Gulf Coast, 20 minutes from Galveston Island. Our land has 11 acres in an old pear orchard which we are constantly working to restore,we grow annual vegetables on nearly 5 acres and raise pastured chickens in a mobile coop dubbed "La Casita de Pollitos." Our farming practices are "beyond organic," meaning we use a variety of age-old methods to grow food and maintain our fields, such as cover cropping, integrated pest management, composting, inter-planting and good old-fashioned hand-weeding. We sell to a few select restaurants and at local farmers' markets.

We believe in connecting people to the land and to one another through delicious food, never taking ourselves too seriously and enjoying the big hot skies of Texas as we work and play outside.

For us, making your everyday meals from food thoughtfully grown near your home connects you to people; the "consumer" and "merchant" are redefined as neighbors who are tied to one another through their intentions.

The growers and buyers of naturally grown foods tend to think alike on this front; our Certified Naturally Grown label makes that mutual understanding loud and clear, and reinforces that very same community with every new member who joins. It is an organization that reaffirms our choices as stewards of the land, encourages small farmers to succeed, and supports our needs as a growing business.

We believe our farm is part of more than just a national trend, and our colorful Certified Naturally Grown label is testament to that happy fact.

(This listing was last updated on April 15, 2022)


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