Santa Rosa Ranch

Barriere, British Columbia

Barriere is located in the central interior of British Columbia, about a 4 hour drive from Vancouver.

Barriere was first discovered by French voyageurs and fur traders who tried to make their way up the Barriere River, only to discover the Indians living there had erected a rock "barrier" on the river to help funnel salmon through for fishing.

The Barriere Valley is a lush, beautiful area rich in wildlife such as moose, mule deer and whitetails, bears, and even cougars.

It is also home to various plant life, including Douglas Fir trees, Scotch Pine, Ponderosa Pine, White Pine, Spruce, Cypress, Cedar, Hemlock, Birch, Cottonwood, Alders, Larch and numerous other species.

(This listing was last updated on February 09, 2021)


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