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Fox Trail Farm

Albion, Indiana

Our 25 acre farm was Michael's great-great grandparents farm, and while it fell out of family hands, Michael was able to get it back at an auction in 2004.

It features over 2 acres in vegetable production, a fully stocked pond, a small orchard, 7 acres of wooded area, a small guest cabin, and our apiary.

We grow food for the Whitley County Farmer's Market in Columbia City and for our small CSA membership. We also have a market area set up at the farm for local sales. We grow a large variety of vegetables, believing diversity is the key to our market niche and a sustainable lifestyle. We employ row covers, a small greenhouse, permaculture growing areas, raised beds, companion planting, and are planning for an unheated greenhouse in the next year or so. We love heirloom plants and diligently save our own seeds. We compost everything we can and have built our clay-like soil up to a nice tilth.

Our farm includes a small apiary and a small chicken flock. We harvest and sell local, unprocessed honey; and also use the beeswax for our line of natural personal care products such as calendula healing salve and shea butter lotion bars. Our chicken live in a moveable chicken yard and are free to forage in the alfalfa field and also enjoy treats from the garden and their favorite snack--homemade bread.

We believe in a no-waste way of living and put-up lots of surplus vegetables and fruit. We also make our own breads and cheese using goat & cow milk from local barters. The medicinal & culinary herbs and cutting flowers we grow get sold and made into value-added products and help with keeping 'bad' bugs in control and forage for our remarkable bee girls.

Michael has another business in renewable energy and is the handyman on the farm. Colleen is a master gardener and has the responsibility of caring for the gardens and doing the homesteading duties of cooking, canning and making holistic goods. She is studying medicinal herbs to further her use of these timeless healing plants.

We are happy to be a part of the CNG family and love what we are doing! We believe in giving our customers and ourselves the healthiest & tastiest food while being good stewards of the earth.

(This listing was last updated on April 26, 2020)


1272 N. 75 E.
Albion, IN 46701
Noble County


  • Producer: Michael McCoy
  • Day: (574) 536-2412
  • Evening: (574) 536-2412
  • Email

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