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Swarm Chasers Apiaries

Mableton, Georgia

Several years ago I read a general article about colony collapse disorder and became concerned about the honeybee. I learned more about how important honeybees are to the food supply and ecology. Then I read about having honeybees in your backyard. I never knew that you could do that! I decided I wanted to try this hobby!!

I wanted to be all natural. I did not want to use chemicals other than honeybee healthy and pollen supplements. Our bees are from survivor stock and produce honey that is all natural and as pure as we can get. We strive to educate everyone we meet about the danger of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The more people know about the chemicals, the more educated they can be to make a difference and not use harmful substances.

We have been increasing our honey yield every year, as we become more experienced and have more hives survive the winter. Last year we had 8 swarms, hence the name. it is a fascinating endeavor and the bees produce the honey. We leave a lot of the honey on the hives, knowing that the bees need it more than we do, for the winter!!! However, we take our share. This year has been different and we have already had to harvest. April 30th. Earliest we ever have.

We will always try to consider the honeybees first!

We chose CNG because we are in the health care field and believe that the pendulum is starting to swing back to more natural methods. We see a lot of illness that probably can be related to our food and the commercial management process. Chemicals and pesticides are ok in very small quantities, but in the US people who use chemicals and pesticides, apparently think if a little is good then a lot is great. Robin and I do not believe this, so wanted to practice beekeeping as chemical and pesticide free as possible. CNG was a perfect fit for us since we are already compliant with the process and it is a way for our customers to recognize the work we put into our bees.

(This listing was last updated on February 20, 2021)


534 Mt Gerizim Rd
Mableton, GA 30126
Cobb County

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534Mt Gerizim Rd
Mableton, GA 30126


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