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Shady Grove Farm U.P., LLC

Gwinn, Michigan

We are a small, diversified farm focusing on utilizing permaculture practices to produce the most organic, nutrient dense foods possible, while being sure that what we do is good for the Earth, the people and that any abundance goes back into the system or our community . We currently raise several heritage breed animals for meat, including Silver Fox rabbits, Freedom Ranger broilers, Narrangansett turkeys, and Mangalitsa pigs. We also have sheep for meat and a flock of wool sheep. Libby utilizes the wool to make her line of felted wool clothing, called Woolymama. Our main farm product comes from our large flock of laying hens that produce our CNG soy & wheat free Grateful Eggs...laid by hippy "chicks", and a small flock of ducks for meat and soy/wheat free eggs! In addition to the animals, we do a wide array of produce, berries and herbs. Being that we live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, near Lake Superior, we use greenhouses to help extend our seasons, and have incorporated several Hugelkultur mounds in our outdoor growing areas. We live on 6.5 acres, however, our farming system only uses about 2 acres to produce a lot of food. We take pride in farming with integrity, which is why we are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown! As of October, 2012, we became the first environmentally verified farm in Michigan's largest county, through Michigan Department of Ag and Rural Development's MAEAP program.

Our work toward educating communities on the importance of local food systems is never ending. We host multiple field trips each season and host classes to teach people about permaculture and animal harvesting/processing. Randy is also a founding member and is on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Small Farm Council, a grassroots organization working hard to preserve Michigan's Right to Farm.

We are 100% transparent and encourage people to visit our farm and shake the hands of the farmers! We are happy to welcome school field trips and farm tours. Together, we can create a food system that is more sustainable and healthy for our communities and environment.

Also, check out Libby's line of Woolymama Clothing and other woolen goods on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woolymama/203975289689140?ref=hl

We chose CNG because of the requirements for high standards of farming practices. We believe that CNG helps maintain the integrity behind the products we produce and gives the public more confidence in our farming practices. It is financially achievable and does not steer farms into government over regulation.

(This listing was last updated on January 25, 2019)


254 S. Francis Mine Dr.
Gwinn, MI 49841
Marquette County


  • Producer: Randy and Libby Buchler
  • Day: (906) 360-9124
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