LarryVille Gardens LLC

Burlington, Wisconsin

At LarryVille Gardens we care about our land. With 11 total acres but only 4 agricultural acres, we have to use it wisely and are constantly adding back what we take out. Local and homemade composts and local multi source manures are added back after each and every crop harvested. Cover crops are used as we can fit them in and mulch is used religiously, for weed control, soil improvement, temperature moderation, cleaner veggies, cleaner feet, and conserving water.

LarryVille Gardens prides itself on delicious,beautiful, nutritious varieties that are perfectly clean and ripe. We grow mostly heirlooms and we search out Italian varieties, for their superior flavor. When you grow the best varieties in healthy soils you can not help but grow a superbly delicious and extremely nutritious vegetable. You can trust what you eat from us, no synthetic, chemical, or genetically modified anything was used or added to either the soil or the plant.

We love what we do here and we work hard to bring the best to you our local buyers. All the while improving our soil and environment for ourselves and future generations.

2012 we were blessed with the purchase and erection of a 96 x 30 foot Four Season Tools moveable high tunnel. We are now growing year around and November through April you can find our seasonal produce at the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market! Located in a greenhouse! Inside the Mitchell Park Domes! So cool I know! May through October we are at the Burlington farmers market and Whitefish Bay farmers market!

Please keep us in mind if you are in the area we would love to meet you and show you around!

(This listing was last updated on May 11, 2021)


W1349 State Road 11
Burlington, WI 53105
Walworth County


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