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Hole in the Woods Farm

Culver, Indiana

Founded in 2010, we are a diversified, Certified Naturally Grown, family- and community-oriented small farm located near Culver, Indiana.

We presently offer fresh produce, honey, home-made, all natural toiletries such as soap and lip balm (made with our own beeswax), and handmade notecards, framable art, and jewelry using embedded botanicals grown on our farm. Our produce is available at the Culver, IN farmers' market and via our CSA. Our crafts are available at several shops in Culver and the Northwest Indiana/Michiana area, the Culver farmers' market, and several area craft shows. We also offer handspun alpaca yarn, knitted and felted alpaca items, and alpaca fleece, as available or made-to-order.

As we expand, we are working to offer some things that are considered difficult for locavores to find here, including organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil, whole wheat flour ground to order, and peanuts. We are developing a large portion of the farm using permaculture techniques, focusing on producing nuts, tree fruits, and berries.

Finally, we provide a small CSA, which provides a diverse array of local seasonal produce. Our goal is to eventually provide a complete diet via the CSA. Come visit us on the farm, or at the Culver Farmers' Market!

CNG fills a unique niche in the farm certification world. Its requirements of growers fit what most consumers assume USDA organic means, much more closely than the USDA program does. As we often find ourselves describing when we need a succinct comparison between the two, CNG is about what you do, while USDA Organic is more about what you say you do.

The greatest benefit of CNG, however, is the community. Inspections become outstanding professional development opportunities. Farmers work together to help each other improve both their growing and distribution practices. The development of a sense of shared community within the organization is intentional and valued at both the local and program-wide levels. This is an enormous additional value compared with USDA Organic, which is expensive, laden with paperwork, and finds inspectors not even permitted to tell farms that fail the inspection how to address the issue, let alone suggest techniques for improvement.

(This listing was last updated on July 02, 2022)


6738 E 750 N
Culver, IN 46511
Pulaski County



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