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Mealor Family Gardens

Decatur, Georgia

Mealor Family Gardens is is located in Decatur's Glen Haven neighborhood, off Covington Highway .. just outside I-285. We are Certified Naturally Grown (naturallygrown.org) farmers, and we take great pride in providing fresh, sustainably grown, vegetables, fruits and berries. We make our own compost on site from spent brewery grains( from Twains), veggie scraps, leaves, hay, sawdust, wood chips, etc -- and we never use pestisides. We are a true family farm -- son, Ben Lives on site at 4282 Mercer Rd., and the house at 4246 will eventually be renovated -- ideally off the grid -- for intern housing and as a peaceful retreat for Bill (dad). Daughter, Stephanie Corder -- Ben's sister is very much involved as a design and gardening consultant -- she also prepares wonderful jams, jellies, tarts and prepared foods using ourproducts and those of other local farmers for sale at the Saturday Decatur Farmer's Market.

(This listing was last updated on July 20, 2020)


  • Producer: Bill and Ben Mealor
  • Day: (404) 373-8888
  • Evening: (404) 373-8888
  • Email

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